Wealthy Linkedin International Limited provides a “No Landfill” cell phone recycling program, which is dedicating to prevent our mother Earth from the toxins generated by the e-wastes. We are willing to help you to protect the environment and making the most use of your phones at the same time. No matter you are a school or nonprofit organization needing fund-raising money, a business owner or customer who wants to sell your used phones, or anyone who wants to donate your phones for a better use, Wealth Linkedin International Limited can meet your requirement. Let’s work together to build a better, greener world!  


For business recycling

If you’ve collected many devices at hands right now and want to trade them for money, just contact Wealthy Linkedin International Limited, our business recycling program is designed for you!


For individual recycling

If you just wants to make full use of your used phones, send your phones to Wealthy Linkedin International Limited is the best choice for you. Our convenient mail-in and fast payment will sure be your best option.


For Charity Donation recycling

If you want are committed to finding new ways to give back to the community through philanthropy and charitable contributions, just send your phones to Wealthy Linkedin International Limited, we will donate the money to charity organizations in the name of you.